What is Cross Laminated Timber?

Cross Laminated Timber, or CLT, is the latest evolution in sustainable building materials. Created using European technology, it’s a lightweight, strong, solid-wood alternative to conventional materials. It is the only structural material for large scale applications that has the potential to be carbon neutral.

HOW IS Cross laminated timber MADE?

Cross Laminated Timber is digitally designed and manufactured. Kiln-dried timber boards are stacked at right angles, and their surfaces are glued together with non-toxic adhesives. These boards are then hydraulically pressed to make solid structural wood panels.

This production is zero waste, with all sawdust and shaving reused as biomass for heating and power gemeration. Panels are available in a range of sizes, and can be customised to suit specific needs. As a result, the entire construction process is fast, safe, simple and seamless.

Cross Laminated Timber has been successfully used across Europe for over 10 years.